Cubase 8 Pro not working properly with Windows 10

I have Cubase 8 Pro 64-bit installed on Windows 10. I am running it on a Lenovo Thinkpad T470p with a 2nd monitor connected to its mini display port. Both screens are running at a native resolution of 2560 x 1440. The 2nd monitor is extended, not mirrored. The 2nd monitor is 27" and I need it for Cubase as the laptop screen is too small.

I am having lots of difficulties being able to use Cubase on this setup…

  • I have good eyesight, but the fonts and buttons/controls on the project window and all dialogs are tiny and completely unreadable, even on the 27" monitor. Unless you move to within 9 inches of the screen you can’t really read the text.

  • When using the mouse to move over the main cubase menu (which is actually a readable size), the sub/dropdown menus are shown in the wrong place, not justified correctly so it’s hard to navigate.

  • If I try to change the resolution of my 2nd screen, or if I use Windows scaling on the 2nd screen, then I restart Cubase, the steinberg hub dialog is not showing. I am assuming this is hidden somewhere off screen, but there is no taskbar icon for it so I cannot find and move it. Nor can I use Cubase because the menu is not clickable - as if the steinberg hub window is modal and in the foreground and preventing any clicks on the menu.

Now for me Cubase is completely unusable since the fonts, buttons, controls and generally all the GUI elements are too tiny on both the laptop screen I have and the 27" second monitor.

Please help!