Cubase 8 Pro - Padshop missing.

I recently had to reinstall Windows 10. Now I can’t seem to find Padshop. After reinstalling win 10, I then did an install of Cubase 8 Pro. I di not first install Cubase 7, then upgrade to 7.5 before installing Cubase 8 Pro. Could this be the issue? Is there a way to get a complete installation even though I am uipgrading to Cubase 8 from 7.5?

Log in to your MySteinberg. You can download the full installer from there.

Thanks misahoza!

Should I just do a full install over the top of my current installation? I have moved various libraries to a secondary HDD rather than clutter my SSD.

I have a similar problem. I reinstalled Cubase Pro 8 on a new computer and the padshop plugin is missing. I installed Cubase Pro 8 over again and it does not help. Anyone have advice?

So what happened? Did you just blow this off or did Padshop just show up. I’m a bit unsettled that you got no help. But that’s just me.

The only solution that did the trick for me was using a configuration-directory of an earlier version of cubase.

The same had to be done for every update since 7.0:



are the different configuration-directories for the cubase-versions currently installed (e.g. Cubase 7.5_64, Cubase 8_64 and Cubase 8.5_64). You just have to the following steps:

  • rename the directory of the version you want to use (just for backup, in case something will not work afterwards)
  • copy the directory of the version that works and name the destination directory according to your new version

E.g.: Your last Cubase that is working as intended is 7.0 x64 and you have upgraded to v8.5 x64.

  • rename ‘Cubase 8.5_64’ to ‘Cubase 8.5_64.bak’
  • copy ‘Cubase 7.5_64’ to ‘Cubase 8.5_64’
  • start Cubase v8.5 and check the Mediabay

If Cubase is behaving strangly you can always revert by deleting the directory ‘Cubase 8.5_64’ and renaming ‘Cubase 8.5_64.bak’ back to ‘Cubase 8.5_64’.


Thanks. I’ll give it a whirl. I appreciate your reply.

Although Unix is more fun (and powerful) than DOS, I can’t remember any configurations issues installing and running Logic Pro a few years back. So I never got to delve into the OS then. I was hoping I could create more and troubleshoot less this time around.