Cubase 8 Pro renders MOTU MachFive 3 unusable?!

Using Cubase 8 Pro on PC (specs below), I can no longer access any of the dropdown menus on MachFive 3; such as Arp, Legato, etc. The problem doesn’t appear in standalone mode or on the MAC.

Can anyone confirm? Any help is greater appreciated!

Windows 7 Professional x64
HP Z800 w/ 48GB RAM, EVGA 660Ti, 4x2TB HD, 2x500GB SSD
828mk3 (modded)

I would imagine this is the same issue as many plugs with internal menus and dialogues are suffering.
Disable AOT on the plugin.

Thanks for the tip, Grim. Unfortunately, that isn’t the fix in this case. Time to ring MOTU, as well.

I can confirm the same problems with Mach 3. I’ve had to resort to UVIworkstation to play some of my libraries.