Cubase 8 Pro Stabiltiy.

Greets All,

Cubase 8 Pro shuts down at random while editing projects which works with no flaws on Cubase 7.5. Something is really wrong with this version. When is the next update?


It does not seem like many are experiencing this so could it be related to something specific with your machine?

Up until now I’ve had two bad crashes when using the VST Bass Amp. Used it three times and had two crashes that totally locked up my system and I had to pull the power to get a restart. Apart from that things have been fine.

Thanks for the replies. I will start a new project on 8 and see from there. I will disable the ASIO Guard,maybe its the cause. Big up and thanks.

Every session on Pro 8 is terminated by a crash after a period of time - no pattern evident so going back to 7.5 for time being.

Hi jimzepellin,

did you use other plug-ins or VST Bass Amp only ?
Did you use pre- or post-effects ?
Did the crashes happen randomly or specifically at start/stop ?

I did have other plugins but they were deactivated. Guitar rig. Maybe a conflict there.

No effects

Random crash

I was planning on doing a bit of testing on this but I’ve not had time yet.

No issues here. C8 has been rock solid.

Does the same thing happen when using a project started in C8?

I’d also say start with a new set of prefs as well in your case.

So…start a new project with 8 having first trashed your prefs.


Same Here, two crashes when i tried to move VST Bass amp from 1st slot to 4th, 2 UAD plug in the middle. :confused:
it’s a pretty interesting plug in but i have “fear” to use it :slight_smile:

I don’t have crashes but mine is freezing up almost all the time. Brand new machine, win8, brand new everything. C7.5 was working like a light! Once I upgrated to C8 the problem start. Anytime I click on anything it freeze up for 5-10 sec and then goes.

I am having crashes everyday. I upgrade from 6 version not even single crash but this one frequently. Go back to 7.5 for me possible or i just return this get my money back?

To be more specific, Cubase just Vanish with previous 7.5 projects after some editing! but it will continue to show in Task Manager. Impossible to load again until a pc restart is made. Very annoying. Long time Cubase user and never had such problems with upgrades. Maybe toooooo Pro for my system? :stuck_out_tongue:

i have started a poll for Cubase 8 stability tests by users…please vote!



About the VST Bass Amp crashes see here

Loading several 7.5 projects, 8 out of 10 attempts end in crashes. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. Strangely enough, you can keep on trying loading the same project. If you try enough, it may finally load.

Was hoping that Pro 8 would fix problems like these, but now I’m fully disillusioned.

Generally stable here on 7.5 projects and new. Had one crash yesterday when soloing a track on playback, one unexplained CPU moment of madness, otherwise solid.

Yesterday I worked for several hours recording, editing and mixing. I pushed hard this release.
Stable here, no crash at all (I’m lucky?). Win 7 64 Ultimate, upgrade from 7.5. I disabled Asio Guard for some 32 bit plugin, nothing more. No VST bass amp issues.

For me at the moment, with limited testing, is that it is slightly worse than 7.5.

I found that 7.5 was very temperamental depending on the plugins used and often closing the application would cause a crash. A current example is on opening a project with many fx and instrument plugins (but not overloaded though!), out of the blue it started crashing Cubase after the project was opened. One day it was working, the next day it wasn’t. Found that disabling ASIO Guard globally (weird as ASIO guard is disabled as default for the Virusti) or removing the virusti.dll file from VSTplugins folder or solved the problem. Thinking it is a Virusti problem I raised with Access but conclusion is that as other projects are running Virusti fine with ASIO Guard on it was not a problem with Virusti.dll per se, although this still seems to be the cuplrit!

In Cubase 8.0 the same project still crashes and disabling ASIO Guard makes no difference, nor do the different settings. The other project I have tested in 8.0 works 100% with Virusti and ASIO Guard on.

I understand that there are many places where things can go wrong - Windows, Cubase, Third Party plugs - and that sometimes things just don’t work. What I find frustrating is that there is nothing to help me identify what the problem is as the Cubase crash reports show nothing of value. I have also tried resetting the Cubase prefs but to no avail.

So I am back to 7.5 for this project as with ASIO Guard off it seems to work. Not ideal but at least a workaround. Maybe rebuilding the project would work but I need time for that. Or maybe I should view this as a message to trash this project and move onto the next one! :wink:

Coming back to the crashes of 7.5 projects, Cubase Pro 8 is apparently interfering with AdMuncher Steinberg, you’ve got something to fix.