Cubase 8 Pro Stabiltiy.

Hi there.

Today I spent all day playing with Cubase 8 and I found couple of bug which seen to be really odd.

  1. When I have a third party plugin (MASSIVE) always on top I cannot mute, solo or activate monitor in any other track. I have to remove the plugin from the top and then do the action mention above.

  2. This one is bad…

I was experimenting with the new Bass amp and when I go through the presets Cubase simply crash (freeze). I have to force quit the application and restart the computer. I cannot even restart the Cubase. I have to actually restart the computer. :open_mouth:

So I cannot use BASS AMP at all.

I am on windows 7 64bit. CUBASE 8 64bit.
Third parties VSTi:

thank you

Except for ASIO Gaurd 2, at a “lower” 512 latency on complex projects, Cubase, itself, has been the most stable for me yet.

Didn’t crash during scan (first time ever).

Hasn’t crashed yet.

My slightly overclocked computer locks up (a bit too often, need to adjust the voltage) before Cubase Pro 8 has, itself, crashed.

In fact, the reduction of CPU spiking in Cubase Pro 8 has even made my, overclocked, freeze-prone system not freeze as much as Cubase 7.5 over the same timespan.

E.g., Cubase 7.5 would rare survive a night, without my overlocked PC locking up when awaking in the morning.

Cubase Pro 8 has survived many nights, unscathed.

The ASIO engine seems to be less taxed when idle.

UPDATE: Welp, I spoke too soon. Crashing when freezing in a project file that works perfectly in 7.5.