Cubase 8 Pro To 10.5 Pro

First, some backstory: We’ve been using Cubase 8 Pro ( Build 63) in our studio for the last 5 years or so, running on a Dell Precision T1650 i7 3770 quad core with 16gb of memory and an RME 9652 card. We rarely have this computer online, really only to update licenses or something along those lines (or this message!). Lately Cubase has been using more and more CPU power and a few days ago started freezing - only in Cubase - we have been keeping Windows 10 Pro patched as well, along with our waves plugins updated… honestly we can’t have the computer plugged into the network without the audio getting a little glitchy. RME drivers are also current… Also, we’ve done all the diagnostics we can possibly do on this computer, all the hardware passes with flying colors. As far as plugins we really only have lots of Waves, some Steven Slate, iZotope, IK Multimedia, etc…

So, with the backstory out of the way, some questions on Cubase 10.5 performance. Is it going to consume more cpu power than 8? I assume it’s likely a lot more optimized for Windows 10… Are these issues common for 8 users on WIndows 10? Thank you in advance for your insight and thoughts, looking forward to not having glitchy audio!!!


Download the trial and try yourself!