Cubase 8 Pro to Cubase 8.5 Pro

I just upgraded from Cubase 8 Pro to Cubase 8.5 Pro. I noticed that now I have both Cubase 8 and Cubase 8.5 on my PC. I tested Cubase 8.5 and all looks fine. Can I uninstall Cubase 8 to clean up disk space or are there special steps/considerations to remove Cubase 8?

Thank you,

You can delete it with no issues if you want.

I usually leave all the old versions installed (until I migrate to a new computer) just in case, and it doesn’t take much disk space. Also if you ever want to have 2 projects open and active at the same time you can open one in each version of Cubase just fine (you can open current projects in older versions pretty far back last I checked).