Cubase 8 Pro + Virus Ti

Hi all

Has anyone got a Virus Ti and uses it with Cubase?
if so can you advise me on how I go about rendering Virus Midi tracks to audio as the new Render feature does not work with the Virus.
Any help appreciated


Select real time render i think.

Where do i find that!?

It’s a checkbox in the audio mixdown dialog window.

Well thats a pain in the rear end lol
Having to bounce each track and import back in!

Unfortunately they have not added any updates to the Virus Ti Software so it can render like a VST.

Also, Cubase didn’t add a “Real Time Render” option to it’s Render In Place option.
So, we’re still stuck rendering the Virus in the export function.
That said, you can render to a track but still…all the clicks and setup …just a PITA.

Considering it’s 2016…
…it’s actually embarrassing that Access has this “Total Intergration” and it’s not totally integrated.


It’s integration from way back before 2001!

it’s a hardware synth, that’s kinda why it sounds like it does…

Really? You are expecting a hardware synth to render like a VST? You do realize the sound is coming from the box you bought, not the GUI on your screen right? Wow. :neutral_face:

Render in place works fine, and so does export audio.

The point was for the “Real Time Render” to be added to the render in place option… I understand this isn’t a VST.

Hence, That’s what I meant by us having to go through all additional clicks to render the Virus… wow


you can freeze with real-time render - that’s almost the same

I’ve been using my TI Polar with Cubase for years. Although I use the TI plugin for configuring patches, I record the analog output from my TI. To my ears this sounds much better than the digital output over USB. Whether you record the digital or analog output you still have to do it in real time.