Cubase 8 Pro vs Nuendo 7 + NEK

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Title is pretty self explanatory so long story short: does Cubase 8 Pro have anything that Nuendo 7 + NEK doesn’t? I’m currently a Cubase user but as I’m interested in emphasizing on more sound design (ambience tracks, power effects, dialogue, foley, pretty much the whole package what encompasses “sound” for multimedia) for games and films alongside just music, so I’ve been playing around with the thought of selling my Cubase 8 Pro and getting Nuendo 7 + NEK for the additional audio post production features. Should I keep Cubase just in case, or does it have any exclusive must-have features for musicians at the current time? Cheers!

Us cubase folk usually get the new features first… you know, so we can switch on the lights and shoo out the bugs if there are any…
I believe nuendo has a lot of post tools that cubase doesnt…
If i were you (which im not, but you asked for opinion and fact, so im gonna give you some cents) i would keep cubase for the sound design aspect- experimenting with new things etc.
But thats just me…
Either way, have fun on your journey:)

Edit: as in don’t sell cubase when you get nuendo:p (all personal and subjective opinion btw- do not base any decision on my words) - im sure that whatever you do, either way, will be just fine;)

Not that I can see, or at least for now & while the versions are ‘equalised’ at CP8 and N7. I had Cubase for a while & only recently bought into Nuendo 6.5 with update to 7. It loaded and played around 30-odd CP8 sessions without too much fuss. Personally, I now like having the pair of them & they can both nicely save and open each other’s files. The other thing perhaps is that the new features usually come on Cubase first, then with Nuendo quite a bit later. Would seem that some prefer to compose on Cubase and mix on Nuendo (in which case,an NEK wouldn’t really be necessary). However, I haven’t seen any reason that this argument really applies, the NEK seems to have everything. N7 is really very good for a point 0 release, although am awaiting a .03 update to fix a few of the minor niggles (VCA implementation for example). N’s a bit expensive on the face of it (and dammed if I can understand why they still insist on the NEK add-on, should be included, IMO), but then, comes with: Loudness normalisation, ADR, large format multi-channel surround etc.

Cheers. Well the point behind me selling my Cubase 8 Pro for Nuendo 7 + NEK was kinda the fact that the latter one is expensive as heck, so I would probably need to sell my Cubase license to afford Nuendo right now, but I was reluctant to do so before I can confirm that I wouldn’t be missing anything from the Cubase freatures in Nuendo after the switch. I was thinking Cubase 8 Pro + Pro Tools 11 for a while to get a good all-around music + sound design environment, but I’m a little under the impression that switching completely to Nuendo 7 + NEK would a better single-software solution for me, as I’m a bit shy on the whole idea of having to constantly switch between two DAWs and how that would negatively effect my workflow. I haven’t tried Pro Tools at all yet, but I’m somewhat familiar with the Cubase inteface so I thought that learning Nuendo’s interface would be a walk in the park after Cubase, and that would allow me to continue working with familiar UI without any interruptions in my current projects.

I will answer you as best I can with respect to your primary question, as to whether or not you would be missing anything from Cubase 8 Pro if you move into Nuendo 7 + NEK. As far as I can tell, the answer is no, you won’t be missing anything.
I’m a long time simultaneous Cubase and Nuendo user (Cubase since VST and Nuendo since N2), and was using Cubase 8 Pro exclusively since it came out last December because of its robust music production tools and new window handling features. Once Nuendo 7 + NEK was released in June, I immediately upgraded from N6.5 + NEK and have been opening Cubase 8 Pro Projects seamlessly in Nuendo 7 ever since. I think I even commented in a thread somewhere that it seemed as if going from Cubase 8 Pro to N7, and even back again from N7 to Cubase, has never been so smooth.

One last thing, however, as has already been mentioned, Cubase has typically been ahead of Nuendo in the upgrade cycle, so if getting your hands on the latest thing is important to you, then keeping Cubase handy isn’t a bad thing. I understand the money thing, though, and with this iteration of Nuendo I personally wouldn’t be too concerned about future editions of Cubase getting features I couldn’t wait a few months to have access to. Hope this helps.

Thanks a bunch for the info!

I’m planning on sitting on my current tier for a good while as I’m not really into the whole fad of getting the latest features with the newest Cubase upgrade ASAP etc, so I would be more than happy to sit on Nuendo 7 + NEK and the rest of my stuff for some good years before even considering any upgrades to any of my software. I currently find everything I could need or want (save for Nuendo) in my current set up, which consists of:

-Cubase 8 Pro (soon to switch to Nuendo 7 + NEK when I can afford it)
-Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
-EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus
-EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs Platinum
-FL Studio 12 with all the native plugins

There is one thing I would like to ask though, before going out and selling my CP8 for N7+NEK, and that is: does N7+NEK come with Halion Sonic 2 SE and/or Groove Agent 4 SE? I might miss some things from those if they are not included in N7+NEK, but then I’ll probably just end up buying full versions of both of them, so it wouldn’t matter that much in the long run.

Yes, read the Steinberg Nuendo info:
HS comes w/ Nuendo 7
GA w. NEk