Cubase 8 pro vst output problems???

So I’ve noticed since upgrading, pro 8 has more options/tabs in f3( vst options) than in elements which only has inputs and outputs. I can’t activate both the “audio outputs” AND " studio outputs" to my interface/L and R Speakers. So some audio such as the metranome clicks I can’t hear when the audio outputs are not connected, and when the studio outputs are not connected I can’t hear others forms of audio such as media bay previewing. Its very annoying and I know both audio and studio outputs can work at the same time because they work fine in Cubase elements together. Is there a way I can activate both the Studio and the Audio outputs to my interface/ main L/R??? Please help.

By default F3 is the shortcut to open the main mixer…maybe you meant F4 which opens vst connections

But anyhow, you should not have a stereo out active in two places feeding the same outputs.

If you want to use control room then you simply need to activate metronome in the control room mixer.
Third button down on left of volume knob, mixer tab.

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Elements shouldn’t have VST Connections > Studios. There should be Inputs and Outputs only. Are you sure, you are not running Cubase 8 Pro Trial?

In Cubase Pro, your main output should be Monitor 1. All “Preview” outputs (like Preview from MediaBay, Import Audio, Sample Editor, etc.) are routed to this bus. If you are using Cubase Elements (and you really have Inputs and Outputs only), you should use Stereo Out, as your main output.

So are you telling me there is no way to send both my audio outputs AND studio outputs to my main stereo out??? It worked fine in elements due to there not even being the “studio out” option/tab in F4, all my necessary audio including both my metronome click and previewing audio from the browser played fine through the main OUT 1 and OUT 2 fine?? There has to be a way I can route both to my main output so Im not constantly changing my audio outputs and studio outputs back and forth from my main stereo out, or have audio out to my left and studio out to my right speaker…very annoying. Thanks for any help guys.


In Cubase Pro, you can do this (but it shouldn’t be like this, your main signal is doubled then). But you shouldn’t see the Studio tab in Cubase Elements at all. Could you please send us the screenshot from your VST Connections > Studio tab, and your “About” screen of Cubase?

He has upgraded from Cubase Elements to Pro, in his last post he says that Elements doesn’t have the studio connections.

To the OP if you have the control room feature enabled then you should only set connections on the studio outputs, if there is something you aren’t hearing then settings must be wrong somewhere. If you aren’t using the control room feature then you can disable it and it should work just like Elements did regarding outputs.

Elements has no Control Room (Studio connections) so you weren’t really sending from two places…it’s just simplified because the audition bus was also on the stereo bus. Cubase Pro is more configurable to allow more complex routing for people with multi output interfaces.

So once you understand that not everything can work exactly the same you just need to set it up how you want it to work.
First decide whether you actually want or need the control room features.

If you do want to use control room (Studio connections) then connect only those & do what I already described to activate the metronome.

If you don’t really need control room features disable it completely with the little blue switch in Studio connections tab and you’ll hear everything through the main outputs.

There is absolutely no need to switch back and forth between them because you can’t hear certain things.

I’m using pro 8 and I’ve tried only having the studio outputs to my main OUT 1 and OUT 2. The metranome beeps/clicks don’t work. I have it on in the control room and activated it in the metronome settings/menu accessible from the transport panel. Is there something I must do in terms of bussing in the F4 settings? I know both outputs can work together as they did in my former elements version. ??

Again…there is no such thing as both outputs in Elements. It’s not helping you to keep thinking of it this way, you would not want both outputs connected even if it was possible.

The only problem you need to solve is why you can’t hear the click when using Studio (Control Room)

In control room under the button to activate metronome do you see a small slider labelled click?

If not then click on the light gray bar between where it says Main … Stereo. Some additional features should appear.
Check that this click level fader is turned up…also note that this fader must be blue in colour. If it’s grey then it is not active.

I know both outputs don’t exist exist in elements I’m just saying if all audio can be heard from the main out in elements I should be able to hear all audio (both previews and metronome clicks etc from my main out in pro. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I can’t route my studio outputs through the same MAIN/OUT 1 AND OUT2 because my audio output is already occupying it. How can I hear both my audio and studio outputs(specifically my media bay previewing) together. Is it possible?? Thanks again


Yes, this is possible. Use Monitor 1 from Studio as your main (the only one) output. Set this to your Main L and Main Ř output of your soundcard.

Btw: there is a way, how to connect two Buses to the one physical output. In default, this is forbidden in Preferences > VST > Use Momitor bus exclusovely (or something like this). But I would strongly recommend you to don’t disable this option. You will end up with doubeled signal on the output.