Cubase 8 Pro whats good and whats not

OK after last years palaver, I plunged in and got the download upgrade. Sod the disc I backed it up onto a Blu Ray. However I do note we now seem to have a backup for the downloads we own so not as problematic as I thought.

OK it works hurrah!

I can get all my plugins to work.

Garritan has some problems but might be due to midi format that I imported from Muscore. The midi format that Cubase exports to fixes the issue. When is a midi file not a midi file!

What I don’t like!

  1. When you open up Cubase 8 Pro you have a ribbon at the top of the screen and your selection box in the middle. A bit disconcerting if you open for the first time as you see your desktop in the background which makes you think that something is wrong.

Perhaps we should be allowed to have this feature or the classic feature as you do in Windows?

  1. Notation is still nigh on difficult to add notes to your score with a mouse. I have not been able to master this at all since Cubase 6.5. By now I would have thought this could have been simplified.

  2. No mention that Cubase 8 pro was on its way just suddenly pops up in your inbox suddenly. Last year we had lots of advance notice.

  3. if you are going to offer the upgrade as download make sure you have the extra capacity to download it. 3.5 gb I had to download twice as it never got to the end and cut out. I did eventually get to download at the 3rd attempt.

Note the 4 items are minor niggles. But point 2 needs to be sorted. I thought that someone on the UK side was meant to simplify the notation screen? What happened to that?

Other than that pretty satisfied.

No haters or trolls please!

Sorry one more problem I have encountered is by default ASIO guard is ticked after the update. This causes problems as it did under 7.5. I had have to untick it to get the Garritan sounds to work.