Cubase 8 Pro - Win10 - Track graphic issue

Hello guys,

I’m getting really desperate here - I booted my PC after using it just fine the previous day - not only did it start scanning for all plugins, it also prompted me to locate some VST cache file… Basically the program just somehow reversed all user changes I made to it and went to factory settings.

Fine, I can live with that, but what it did with the GUI - I can’t wrap my head around that.

As you can see, all the tracks are f***** up, I can’t see the volume, or any of the control buttons. If I expand the track, it looks just as is shown in the picture.

If I try to navigate into Track Controls Settings menu, I don’t see any of the controls listed
And if I stay in the window for too long, or mess around a bit, the program crashes.

Before you ask - I didn’t do ANYTHING in between the recording sessions - the previous day everything was fine, the next day - all the issues popped up after booting up. The computer wasn’t even connected to the internet.

Please let me know, if there’s anything I can do to fix the issue (apart from buying a new Cubase)


Sellet the pest at the bottom of the track list, please.