Cubase 8 Pro with VST Connect Pro. Menu missing?


Using Cubase 8, I only see menu items for VST Connect SE… Is it necessary to install something to get Pro menu? Or is it possible to use the SE Menu with VST Connect Pro?



We will release a free update for VST Connect Pro in January that will bring the advanced integration along with some other new features to the Pro version. Currently VST Connect Pro can only be used in the “old” way in Cubase Pro 8.


Yes, similarly I have been having configuration problems with newly purchased VST Connect PRO and Cubase Pro 8.05. Have not been able to get this working, Cubase appears to see the old SE still present in some way. Keeps giving the error ‘you cannot run two instances of VST Connect Cue mix’. Seems that even an empty new song auto-enables a VST Connect cue mix on the monitor. Deleting this in VST connections, then proceeding crashes Cubase.

Anyways, looking fwd to an update on that.

Will this also work in Nuendo 6 and 6.5?

I think he left. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the update. :sunglasses:

PRO does not override SE, when you installed PRO you can use either version.

Just ignore it, it doesn’t harm. Fixed with upcoming release.

The Studio (Control Room) settings (Devices Menu/VST Connections/Studio tab) are local to your machine, thus they are kept across all projects. The idea is that your studio doesn’t change when you load or create a project. Thus, once you apply “Create VST Connect”, the VST Connect cuemix channel and plug will stay in the Control Room Mixer. It doesn’t do any harm; if it gets in the way, you can save and load different configurations for your studio in said VST Connections Studio tab.

It certainly shouldn’t. Can you provide a way how to reproduce this?

We are close to a new PRO version, stay tuned.

The new menu functions work from Nuendo 6.5.40 and Cubase 7.5.40 upwards (both of which are soon to be released).
VST Connect PRO 3 also works with older versions, but then you have to use the old template - which also means it works with projects created that way with the older PRO version.

Anyone know how this upgrade of VST Connect Pro for Cubase 8 will be avalable. Do present owners get a mail? Will it apear on the download site …???
And how far away is it??

Matthias Quellmann wrote on Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:06 pm
We will release a free update for VST Connect Pro in January that will bring the advanced integration along with some other new features to the Pro version.”

We are now well into February, and no VST Connect Pro 3 in sight. Do anyone know of any new release date?

Patience. debugging delay I presume. Musicullum did say somewhere it;d be released in a few days if no serious bugs were reported…maybe I be the guilty party. :neutral_face:

Sorry it took so long, but now we finally got it:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

OKAY, I have installed the trial of VST Connect Pro 3 now and Nuendo 6.5.4. but I stall cannot see the menu


Oh! Sorry, we can reproduce that one. We already have a fix for that, but it takes a moment. Meanwhile … can you send me a PM (private message)? We’ll have a workaround for you.


I already had installed VST Connect Pro 2 on my Cubase 8 64 bit, and now I have downloaded and tried to install VST Connect Pro 3. The installation process went fine, but most of the selections on both the Pro and the SE menu are grayed out. I can create and remove VST Connect, but the rest is gray.
When using “Create VST” in the PRO meny, it does not create what it is supposed to. It does not insert VST Connect Pro plugin in Inserts in the VST Connect track. I cannot find VST Connect Pro under the Network for insert, thus I cannot get the VST Connect Pro 3 menu at all.

Are there any prereqisits I missed out on? Please advice