Cubase 8 Pro zip file

I downloaded the cubase8pro zip file (because of the grace period). This file is 9.1 GB large.
I want to burn this on 2 Dvd’s but how to do it?

I don’t want to burn it as a backup, I want to burn it as an installer. So I’m confused how to do it.
Any suggestions?

Is the 9.1 file an ISO image?

I think Nero will help you out here.

No, it’s a ZIP file. When unzipped there is a directory structure with severals folders and files.
That is the problem. I wish it was an ISO image but it isn’t. Also I tried to make an ISO image from the unzipped files and folders but when burning it to 2 dvd’s it doesn’t work

Use a higher capacity DVD. A double-sided, single-layered can hold 9.4 GB in comparison to the standard single-sided, single-layered which can hold 4.7 GB or the single-sided, double-layered which can hold 8.5 GB.

Alternatively there should be a (freeware) facility for distributing large files across multiple mediums or to break it up into parts (e.g. for e-mailing large files) (Actually I believe the actual WinZip software will do this). I have used one of these which was called simply “Divide”.

Another approach might be to burn it as an archive - similar to a backup (you can use backup software to do this). This “backup” will then need to be “restored” if ever needed.

I would try to compress the unpacked files using 7z on the highest compression level. That should bring the size down a bit. Then use a burn program that can span that archive across multiple DVDs. Or use 7z to make an archive that is split into sizes that fit onto your DVDs. 7z is open source and should be around for a long time.

Thank you all for the solutions, but please read my starting topic. Burning an archive is not what I want. I want to burn installer disks.

Ok, then i don’t know. The unzipt files wont fit on any dvd.
Blueray could work, or a external USB drive.

Sorry, I read my post again and I think it was a little bit rude. That was not my intention. Someway it must be possible because when you buy the full package of Cubase 8 then the Dvd’s are installer dvd’s
But I think the external USB drive will also be an option for me. Thanks

Yes, it’s possible, but you have to know which files belongs to which disks. And this information is known only by Steinberg programmers … until boxed version of C8 is out.

16GB USB drives are dirt cheap, why bother with DVD’s ?


I am going to sell one of our C8 & dongles that is now superfluous to our requirements, but the discs have somehow gone bye bye. I’m going to provide all the software for 8 on a USB key.