Cubase 8 random noise bursts


I’ve got a serious problem in C8, cubase seems to somehow misread audio files and play them from random positions ( wrong part of the audio file ) or more often as white noise bursts.

I tried to make a video of it

It happens once in a minute or something like that. it plays an audio file as white noise - super loud - and after like 10 seconds it gets back to normal.

Any help wpuld be appreciated.

I have the same problem right now, it happens only in larger audio projects like band recording. Never happend in huge virtual-instrument session with few audio files, or mixing radio commercial. Just in projects with multiple takes of whole band counting 20-30 audio tracks.
I tried to move whole session to SSD, but without effect.

Please, I need help :cry:

Do you have Plugin Alliance v3.1 installed? If so, uninstall it and enjoy :slight_smile:
Even if it’s not in the project it can cause the problem you have.