Cubase 8 : random shut down

Hello Forum ,

I have been having an issue with Cubase 8 and 8.5 ( 8.5.15 ) where it randomly shuts down during playback . It stops playback and the screen which then asks if I want to save the project appears . It then stays like that and I have to press cancel shut down and start the playback again . It can be from a few minutes to a couple of hours ( with a section on repeat for occasional listening to through headphones ) into playback before this happens but it always happens at some stage . I thought the update from 8.0 to 8.5 or to 8.5.15 might solve it but it is still persisting . It’s not drastic as it is not happening during record but it is a worry regarding it’s stability .

Any suggestions on this would be appreciated .

Mac Pro computer / OS X Yosemite / Lynx Aurora converters / External FX Bricasti reverb



Just “random shutting”…

Do you use any Remote Device? Isn’t it Close command assigned/triggered?

Any Macro in the background (on the system level)?

Doesn’t the system try to restart because of some reason (update…)?

Hello Martin ,

Thanks for the reply to my question and sorry about being slow in getting back . I considered your suggestions on possible causes and I think I have found the one causing it . The only "remote device " I could think of is a shared mouse and keyboard between the 2 computers I use for the music setup . This is done using “Synergy” and I noticed that when Cubase was attempting to shut down there was also the Synergy start up screen showing even though it was still running . So I have tried turning off Synergy and found that the problem stopped ( at least for the times I did this it stopped ). The setup of using a small subsidiary computer to feed into the main computer I find useful ( such as running windows only programs through "Parallels " on a mac and feeding in through a sound card as audio to the main computer ). This setup works best by using a shared mouse and keyboard on the different screens ( 1 screen on subsidiary computer and 3 on main computer ) . So for the moment I have Synergy turned back on and put up with the way it works since it is not at this stage interfering with cubase while recording and not so frequently while playing back . I did at an earlier stage use "Sharemouse " for this application and had no problems with Cubase but had other problems with the program so changed to Synergy … maybe I will change back if the Cubase problem increases ?

Thanks for considering this problem and your suggestions . I think I now know what is causing the problem and can monitor it if it does cause any other issues .

Keep up the good work of assisting us less knowledgeable forum users … it is appreciated .