CUBASE 8 react badly to some 32 bits plug ins

I just realised that . In my new system (Windows 64bits) . WHen I plug some old 32 bits plug ins in Cubase8 64 bits very often, the ASIO react badly even with a small patch (ex 100MB) The ASIO freak out at 95% peak and crac !!! BUT when I load a new 64 bit plug ins (ex Cinematic strings) I can load a 4 GIG patch without any problem the ASIO is at 10% … no problem So I suspect C8 to react very badly to our old collections of plug ins (Waves Native Instrument etc etc) And concerning ASIO I use Steinberg Asio and Asioforall Same result… We should dig in this problem more coz many here are posting about ASIO problem and they dont consider enough the difference with 32 bits plug ins and 64 bit lug in in their test. Dig into that guys you will realise I am right Do some test

I tend to use the most up2date versions of plugins, old code vst can not run optimal and can bring down your host.
I also immediately dump old bad behaving plugins as this will bring me only misery, how good the plugin may be, if crashing it is useless.

I imagine they HAVE considered how 32 bit plugins affect performance and have made the decision to optimize the engine for current and future technology rather than for past technology…

32bit plugins are a thing of the past.
If you have to use them, run them in a 32bit host, or use Jbridge.

  • for jBridge. I have a two or three old 32bit plugs I use, NI B4 in the main (best Hammond emulation ever!), which work fine with jBridge.

Yes guys but my point here is to help others (coz many user surely dont know that yet ) so if suddenly they got ASIO problem they should look first at the last plug in they loaded If its a 32 bit … then you know the solution… Otherwise you’ll wonder what is happening if the ASIO is suddenly at 95% whats wrong? Well it could be the old 32 bit plug in you just plugged… Thats my point. Check this way first of all.

You know for instance right now I work with many 64 bit plug ins and no problem A lot of RAM is engaged 4GIG + no problem The ASIO dont suffer (Asioforall OR Steinberg ASIO) My ASIO is at 5% it runs perfectly well I am very happy. . But I know that if I loaded some old 32 bit plug in thw asio can have a hard time. Someone just said they surely thought about that… I diagree or I dont think they succeed. And certainly not with other cie plug ins compatibility (Native Instruments Waves etc) I justed wanted to share my experience with this. As soon as I upload some old plug ins my system goes red and it works like a charm with my new 64 bit plug ins. So I hope it will help others to identify the problems they might have not knowing whats going on with the ASIO suddenly… Have a nice day guys