Cubase 8 REVO drive

Hi all, I am thinking about buying a REVO drive for my music computer, Is it worth getting 2 Revo drives, a smaller one for the operating system and programs and another one for carrying the sound files for Trillian EZ Drummer etc. If I get 2 will it shorten the load time for Trillian. Also is it ok to record and edit audio on to a Revo drive, Any help much appreciated

with Solid state drives / PCI-e drives, it doesn’t really matter about splitting out drives anymore. that’s more of an old way of thinking back from the spinning platter days.

A Revodrive will work exactly the same as a SSD except be faster, so just think of them as the same really, except some motherboards wont boot from them i beleive? might want to check that first

That’s great thanks for that i’ll check it out some more

Even a SATAII SSD has plenty of bandwidth to handle hundreds of 32bit 44.1k streams at low latency.

Getting fancy high-speed PCIe drives for DAWs will only really affect project backup speeds compared to SATA drives.

SATA drives are more scalable (usually many more connectors available), plus easier to replace in case of failure (if in drive caddies), without having to open the computer case.

Don’t be taken in by advertised super-high transfer rates of PCie SSDs, or even of SATAIII drives. DAWs and samplers can’t actually use it. Also, note that those performance specs are usually taken with saturated buffer queues, which is not optimal for low-latency multi-streaming, which benefit more from lightly-loaded channels.