Cubase 8 slows down/Lags,crashes other programs


I am new here and i apologize if i put this in the wrong place or if i missed it somewhere else as i tried to read the forum for related topics. This might be a simple issue to some but i have tried all i know and can not figure it out, any help given will be greatly appreciated.

I recently took the leap and upgraded to windows 10. It seems alot of my computer settings were changed to some extent which i assume is normal with a new operating system. I went into cubase 8 and really only had to reset my devices and vst connections ect and all was good or atleast i thought it was. Everything started fine and then after a few minutes everything kept playing but started slowing down and getting real choppy. This is while i was just doing playback. If i waited a few minutes it would play like normal and then sure enough it would start again after a few minutes. I run split screen on my system so i went to my second screen and did a google search for the issue and found a video on youtube i was going to watch which i had always done previously with windows 7 and it would not play the video. I closed Cubase 8 and then the video played fine. While watching the video i reopened Cubase 8 and went i clicked on the cubase program the video kept playing on youtube but the sound quit. Once i paused it and tried to restart it it would not play again until i closed out cubase 8.

i have never had this issue but i think a setting has changed with my sound card somewhere as it seems when cubase is open it is dedicating itself to cubase and you can not play anything else. Strange part is when cubase is open nothing else works almost like it is taking full control of my cpu/memory or something. Again this only started once i upgraded to windows 10. Any ideas or help on what settings could be off, need to be changed ect that might be causing these issues along with everything slowing down sounding like it is in super slow motion?

below are the specs of my computer and i have more than enough to run these programs as i have for years but something definitely reset itself or changed with windows 10.

I look forward to any help or replies and thanks in advance!

I7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
16GB installed memory (ram)
64 bit operating system
windows 10
cubase 8
Lexicon Lambda audio interface