Cubase 8 - snap cursor to volume change

Hi all,

In Cubase 8, when you put a music piece in an audio track there are automatically some vertical lines in the waveform when you have a strong attack of a sound, a difference in volume.
Is there anyway I could magnet the cursor to these points for cutting purposes?

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Those vertical lines are called Hitpoints.
You can Locate to next Hitpoint by selecting that command from the transport menu, or by using the key command for it, ALT-N on windows.

Thank you very much for the advice johngar.

Is there anyway I can automatically cut the next hitpoint in the waveform selected or within the selected track? Instead of manually taking the cursor there and click with the scissor?

You can select “divide audio events at hitpoints” from the audio Menu- Hitpoints section. This will divide the entire event into individual events based on the hitpoints.
There is a whole section in the manual that explains everything better. Page 459.

Thanks a lot for your info johngar.

I’m a Cubase user for years but I always find new stuff that I didn’t know!

Problem solved.