Cubase 8 startup time is long

Hi, I’m new to Cubase 8 and I was wondering what is the typical Startup time for Cubase 8?
To be clear: The time from when your run the program, get the splash screen where it says initializing until you get to be able to open a project.

On my system a Brand new MBP I find that Cubase 8 takes 30 seconds. while Cubase 7.5 takes only 10 seconds

Just to follow up on the long startup time with Cubase 8, I finally was able to make Cubase 8 load in 8 sec.
That long startup time was bothering me since its a brand new system and should not have problems.
Since no one posted their startup times I had to do a new Yosemite installation on a separate drive and install only Cubase 8 and it loaded in 8 sec only so it was time to find the problems.
I tried to disable all VST plugins, that didn’t work still getting 30+ sec
Finally I solved it by starting up Cubase in safe mode and deleting the preferences.

I don’t understand why the preferences was causing that problem.
I hope this will help someone with similar long initializing times or maybe some other problems its worth a try.