Cubase 8 Swaps my stereo channels

Cubase 8 reads my stereo channels swapped.
I think this was even the case with Cubase 7 before my upgrade.
I load things in, and the channels swap L to R.
Then i’ll mix and export, and they swap right back. So weird.
Its like only cubase reads them wrong. So i have had to compensate by mixing them backwards because
i know when i export, they’ll swap right back… bleh.
Its obviously not impossible to work around, but if there is some easy fix for this, or something
i’m missing, id love a solution.

There must be something simple wrong in your installation - most likely your VST Connections or audio interface. If Cubase would really swap L and R this forum would explode!

Does the same on mine - Stienberg UR44 - left monitor DEFINATELY plugged onto left output - same for right. Headphone mix is wrong too. I doesn’t really bother me I just know to pan the other way if I care about which side I want a sound.