CUBASE 8 / TASCAM 1884 & US2400

Not entirely sure how to explain this.

Basically, before I put Cubase 8 on my DAW I had access to all 32 channels for mixing, 8 on my Tascam FW1884 and 24 on my US2400. Now, for some reason, I can only use the 24 faders on my US2400, the ones on my FW1884 now control the input levels of my instruments inputs, eg, my condenser mic / guitars etc. They are now labelled 1-8 then 1-24 where as before they were 1 - 32.

But I’ve just clicked on to an old track pre 8 install and it’s back to how it was but it goes back to the new configuration in any new session created in Cubase 8. I feel like I’ve lost 8 fader for mixing which is very frustrating.

Any ideas ?

exactly the problem i have with 1884 and 2 fe8’s plus 8 chan xpander = 8+8+8 faders and 16 i/o
now i get 8 faders for audio 1-8 OUT and 16 faders for audio 1-16 IN (pointless theres trim on the inputs already)

sadly didnt get fixed…yet :slight_smile: keep your fingers crossed its next on the list :slight_smile:

ps yes mine works fine in c7.5.30 also
support issue accepted by steinberg