Cubase 8 + Tascam UH-7000 + Win7 x64

Just curious if anyone is using this combination (or something close to it). I’m considering picking up a UH-7000 to replace my (no longer functioning) MOTU 828mk2.

The hardware specs are perfect for my needs, but I’ve heard that Tascam’s ASIO drivers have been a problem on some of their interfaces. If anyone is (successfully) using the UH-7000, I’d appreciate hearing how low you’re able to set your latencies and still get stable performance. Cheers…

Companies are using one driver for all or almost all sound cards. Or at least the basic of the driver is the same. So it’s possible to say, the company has “good” or “bad” drivers in general. I have met more different Tascam sound cards in different home studios. From this point of view, I have to say, Tascam has unstable drivers with very heigh latency in general.

The ASIO drivers for my DM3200 are very stable. Never had a problem and I can play all plugins in realtime in Cubase.

Thanks for the replies…

Yes, this is what I’ve heard too. And it’s my biggest concern.

I just checked out the DM3200 – it’s a much more expensive piece of gear than the UH7000. I wonder how similar the drivers are for these two units.

BTW, do you hang out on the Sonar forum? Your name seems familiar.

Tascam’s lead software developer/engineer frequents the Tascam Forum often (which is not an official Tascam site as Tascam closed theirs years ago ) and is very responsive. Tascam support has a bad reputation and isn’t as bad as reported. I’ve had mixed experiences with their service desk but beyond that, I’ve had several experiences where they went above and beyond to resolve my issues. I’ve read on the forum that indeed there are some latency issues with the UH-7000 if you try to monitor it through A DAW. From what I hear the ASIO buffer settings are not configurable by number (ie: 128,256, 512, etc.) but rather by “low”, “normal” and “high” settings. The workaround is If you monitor signal directly from the unit while tracking there isn’t a latency issue (obviously). I also have a friend who owns one and as far as sound quality/conversion, he loves it. I can’t say for sure but judging by Tascam’s history, I am pretty sure that the drivers will eventually be updated to improve performance. On their Beta site, there is a section for the UH-7000 so there is obviously intent to update firmware.

Nope to the Sonar Forum sighting. I use Cubase 100% of the time and it’s the only DAW I own. I pretty much hang here and the Tascam Forum exclusively.