Cubase 8 Testdrive

Did a testdrive with Cubase Pro 8.0.10 for the last 30 days and had a great time with the new features and better performance than with 7.5.40 (no spikes). But:

  • regular crashes when closing Cubase, when draging plugins in Mixconsole and when opening plugin windows - to the extend that opening Kontakt made me guess if Cubase would crash or not. Cubase shut down correclty maybe 5 times in these 30 days (almost daily usage) and I had about 5-10 crashes a day.

  • Mixer resize bug is still there and driving me crazy. I tried all the tricks (resetting Mixconsole, deleting Cubase preferencies, etc) - nothing solved the problem. I don’t understand how such a basic problem introduced with Cubase 7 can still exist.

So back to 7.5 for my daily work.

I see you did a testdrive with version 8.0.10, why did you not try 8.0.20?

Oh sorry, 8.0.10 is the latest, I figured I was waiting for 8.0.30 haha!

Just saw the 8.0.20 update and will use that version with my remaining days. Hope that solves some of the crashes, although there are no stability improvements mentioned in the version history.