Cubase 8 to see Cubase 6

I think this one is easy to configure but I would be grateful for some guidance before I leap in. I’ve recorded a number of midi tracks in C6. I’m going to get C8. I want to be able to ‘see’ those recordings in C8. Do I transfer them over or is there a much simpler solution? Will C8 automatically see them when I open C8?

Thanks, Patrick

opening projects in Cubase is an incredibly complicated process, but if you did not you need guidance to open them in C6, I´m very confident, you will not need guidance to open them in C 8 neither.

Crums. If, at first, it’s not as simple as I imagined, I might as well stay with C6 and wish C8 ‘bon voyage’ and abandon the C8 threads altogether. Anyone to the rescue?


Cubase Pro 8 can open Cubase 6 projects. Whatever you’re doing to open these recordings in Cubase 6, it’s exactly the same in 8.

Romantique—many thanks.


What about channel eq?

Will open too…

Yeah, I understand that, but don’t the channel EQ sound different in version 8 / version 6?


The channel EQ in Nuendo 6 and Cubase 7 has been newly developed and is technically not the same EQ as in previous versions anymore. We have taken care to make sure that EQ settings saved in projects of previous versions are correctly translated to the new EQ to retain the same perceived sound as best as possible. However, when loading projects saved in a previous version into Nuendo 6 / Cubase 7 you may notice minor variances of the Q-Factor value for all EQ bands, especially evident when using the “Parametric I” filter. In this case the sound of the playback, dependent of the audio material on which such EQ band filters are applied, can be more or less noticeably different and may require re-adjusting the Q-Factor on affected channels.

So it is indeed true. That is if you’re coming from Cubase 6 to Cubase 8…

You are right, I was wrong.

But still compatible, the channel EQ uses the better studio EQ algo’s. In Cubase 8.