Cubase 8 & Trigger 2

Updated to Cubase 8 and it’s working great here. VCA rules.
I have a Problem with Trigger 2 from Slate.
If I go to my Prefs from Trigger and want to adjust the midi ins/outs I have a graphical issue.
The menue dissapears and doesnt let me change the notes.
On both the 32 bit and 64 bit Version.
On Cubase 7.5 it works as it should.

Anyone else havin this?
Thanks. Rolf

Workaround is to disable AOT on Trigger (and any other plug that opens menus or dialogues behind themselves)

Thanks that did the job!! :smiley:


Im having the same problem except Trigger 2 is not even opening at all. What is AOT and how do i disable that?



I’d say that’s an entirely different problem…

You would change aot (Always on Top) status by right clicking on the plugin menu bar and selecting the option from the menu. But if it doesn’t open you have another problem.

Would help if you give more info…
Exactly what do you mean by not opening:
Is it available in the plugin list but not opening?
Is it listed active in plugin manager?
Is it not showing up at all?

What o/s you are running wouldn’t hurt.

Basically after I downloaded Cubase 8 when I opened a song file that had Trigger 2 loaded it could not find the plug in. I received the dialog box that Trigger 2 was missing.

I then removed Trigger 2 and re-downloaded it. Now when I tried to open that particular song file it would not open at all. I then opened another song file (one that did not have trigger 2 ever loaded on it) and the file opened. Trigger 2 appears as an available plug in but if you click on it it goes to open but just freezes.

Even my Slate FGX mastering plug in opens but it does not let me change the name of a pre-set or save a new pre-set, etc… Unlike Trigger 2 it does work but something seems a bit off. I sent an email explaining this to Slate support but I have not heard back as of yet.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Mike Pelle

Oh my OS is Windows 7

Mike Pelle

And you didn’t do anything like changing from 32bit to 64bit Cubase at the same time you updated to C8?

Not sure other than wrong versions of plugs trying to open, what might cause this.

Have you got the latest ilok manager/driver installed?

Thanks for the response.

No I was always 64 bit. I will doublecheck on the ilok driver but Im pretty sure that is updated but let me check that.

I will report back.

Thanks again