Cubase 8 unuseably slow - what am I doing wrong?

Hey guys!

I was a long time happy-ish Cubase 5 user and have had to upgrade to Cubase 8 Pro because my Steinberg AI, TP and QC controllers are not supported properly (or at all with the QC) in Cubase 5 and my new Komplete Kontrol keyboard needs a later version of Cubase to function fully. With Cubase 5 I was never able to max out my machine, running dozens and dozens of tracks with many instances of VST instruments like Kontakt, Atmosphere, The Grand, Edirol, Reaktor, 4-8 fx plugins on every track and a string of bus plugins. I never reached cpu overload with any project.

Now I’m trying to use Cubase 8 Pro 64bit and with just 3 VST instruments and a few compressors I’m at around 75% load when resting (according to the transport bar) and with overload lighting up red when playing back. It’s also so slow to respond, for example when copying and pasting a midi object Cubase freezes and it takes about 3 seconds to appear. Also, using my Komplete Kontrol keyboard has serious latency with USB or just MIDI through the audio interface when I hit a key to the point where it’s not possible to play comfortably.

I’m running on an Asus ROG VW55 laptop with:
Intel I7 2.4Ghz (with turbo mode up to 3.2Ghz or something)
12gb RAM
Windows 7 64 Bit
Samsung 1TB 840 Evo SSD
Steinberg UR 22 audio interface
Cubase 8 Pro 64bit

With 3 instances of Komplete Kontrol running I am nearly maxed out with audio processing usage really high and cpu overload lights up red on the transport bar repeatedly. Cubase is slow, laggy, yet with windows performance monitor running it says only 25% cpu usage. The same project opens in Cubase 5 64bit and is fine, snappy with no problems, playing the keyboard has no noticeable latency and copy pasting is instant as it should be.

Any ideas?

After reading about some other people experiencing similar problems I also wanted to ask if 8.5 fixes this? I have been using Cubase for about 8 years now and I don’t think it’s user error, unless I’m missing something stupidly.

I just bought the 8.5 update, installed it and opened a project. No improvement at all. The audio performance monitor still sits way up around 75% when windows is saying 15%. Copying a simple midi object freezes the interface for a few seconds, and overall it’s just sluggish just like before. Latency when playing the midi keyboard (via midi or usb) is still sluggish as before (on older Cubase version it’s instant). I have not activated the product yet (still in 25 hour trial period) and will be trying to get a refund.

Does anyone know hoe to “return” a digital product to Steinberg? It is useless to me since it can’t even run the most basic project and has performance meter bugs galore. I have not activated it yet and will have to go back to a previous version that runs flawlessly. They wouldn’t refund my Cubase 8 purchase because I made the mistake of activating it as soon as I installed it. But they should refund the update, right?

you have to get a refund from asknet… I think on the site they have some contact info. I may have to do the same as mine will not install either… I submitted a ticket6 and have faith sb will fix this. They are usually pretty good about this sort of thing.

Yeah I have emailed Steinberg and Asknet about the refund. If this helps here are the Asknet addresses I emailed:

If you ask me Cubase 8 has some serious problems. I read on this forum that there was a lawsuit against Steinberg because of it and over 1000 people were on board. In my experience Steinberg would not help me or refund me on Cubase 8 when I immediately discovered that it didn’t work properly. I tried to get a refund through Paypal but they fought me and won. Now I have spent more money upgrading to 8.5 to find the same problems are not fixed. I have to go back to version 5 which runs anything I throw at it (huge projects) and has no performance issues at all. Cubase 8 can’t even handle 3 VSTIs without grinding down to a snail’s pace.

Quick update: Asknet got back to me really quickly and will process the refund when Steinberg confirm that I didn’t activate the update. Good customer service from Asknet!

Now I’d like to get to the bottom of the issue of Cubase 8 running so badly compared to Cubase 5 but it seems no one knows.