Cubase 8 Using More CPU Than 7.5?

Just wondered if anyone else has found that Cubase 8 is running hotter on the CPU Load (VST Performance) Meter than 7.5 did?

I was expecting it to be lower as that is one of Cubase 8 Pro’s highlights. Mixes that were running like 60-70% are now going 80-90% and causing some dropouts. Anyone know what might be going on?

I’m running 64 bit Cubase 8 on Windows 7 with an Intel Core i7 3.2GHz with 16GB of Ram and a GTX 970 vid card. Fireface UFX with latest drivers and firmware installed.

What about new projects (i.e., not made in c7.5)?

So far I’ve just been opening up legacy 7.5 projects though I did a quick new project last night with Ivory II and an instance of Kontakt and it was running very high on the meter, too.