Cubase 8 Video Format Question - Win10

Hey all,

Very new using cubase on windows 10 64. Question - What format video should I be asking for from editors so that I can import and playback from within Cubase to score to picture?


Check out this article.

Thanks so much for that. I had read that win10 and qt didn’t play nice together. Has that been resolved?


Yes it has. QT7.7.9 installs and works fine. I recently completed a project with video. Converted the video with XMedia Recode using the VC3/DNxHD codec. Also downloaded and installed the Avid Codecs LE 2.3.9.

So it appears that the recommendation to use Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD works best. You will have bigger file sizes, but smooth playback with smooth scrolling.

How large are the file sizes with those codecs?

I used the 1080p/25 DNxHD 36,000kbps profile for my video. That produced a file size of 258MB per minute.