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Steinberg’s Cubase 8 vids: YouTube Playlists :smiley:

New Features

Quick Start Videos

Advanced Tutorials


Aloha R,
and tanx for the links.

Just went thru them and found some kool info about C8P.

Lot’s more there than meets the eye.


Yea, I only had time to skim because I had to head out to work but there is a ton of info that I want to hear about


Is this what we have been waiting forever for with instrument tracks?
Instrument Tracks 2.0

We can now have multi Midi channels and access to multiple outs!!? :astonished:

Lawdy, this right here is worth it…(along with render in place) :smiley:


Instrument tracks 2.0 is available since Cubase 7, no changes that I know off on instrument tracks on 8. That video is basically explaining what it does nad not introducing it as a new feature.

Thanks for the listing!

thank you!

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Lot’s more there than meets the eye.

Shouldn’t it be “lot’s more there than meets the Curteye?”


Good One! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What!? … I just tried it an you’re right.
How did I miss that they added this 2 years ago…smdh…

Totally changing my workflo!


Note that, if you’re familiar with Cubase 7/7.5, there’s not much of interest in the “Quick Start Videos” and the “Advanced Tutorials”. They actually leave Cubase Pro 8 features out. When they refer to “new” features, it’s only for freatures that was new in v7/7.5.

If you’re new to Cubase, they are an excellent resource, though.

Also note that they have been made with a pretty large monitor, so you need a large monitor to view them. On my 24" monitor, the text (menus, etc.) is just about legible.

And (if anyone from Steinberg is reading this), in the future please drop the muzac! It’s very distracting. These are, after all, tutorials, not documentaries on the Discovery channel.

I do not really see the point of re-recording the same “Advanced Videos” series either as they show us what were introduced for C7/7.5. contains all the new features although it isn’t a free one

except the hidden “Disable Track” for Instruments tracks one, I’ve found that one in this forum :slight_smile:

Yea, when I posted them I didn’t have time to watch them all… Now I’m seeing a lot of things that were in the previous videos but re-hashed…

It’s ok though, some features may not be so known and It’s always good for new users to see