Cubase 8 W8.1 + USB Microphone?


Just purchased a Rode NT-usb microphone, that I’d like to connect for some live recording. I’m using an RME Radat to an ADI-2 as my interface. I don’t see how to get audio in through usb.

Any help appreciated!

USB mics are intended for users who don’t own an audio interface. To your computer they appear as their own interface/audio device, and Windows audio apps normally only support one audio device at a time.

You might be able to get things working by using ASIO4ALL to perform “device aggregation,” which lets you combine your audio devices into one virtual ASIO device that your DAW listens to. I’ve never done that myself, but there is info on how to do this out there. ASIO4ALL comes with its own problems though, so be warned.

EDIT: VB Audio VoiceMeeter is another program that works similarly to ASIO4ALL for combining audio streams but might be easier to use. Worth looking into if ASIO4ALL doesn’t work out.

Can’t help but wonder why, when you have a fairly high end interface with mic preamps you would have bought a usb mic??

Of course you may want it for easy portable use with a laptop/tablet in which case it makes sense…but if you have no real need for it to be usb you would be much better served by a no-usb mic. The RME preamps will be better than any built in preamplification in a USB mic.

So…that said, to use the Rode in Cubase you need to do is select it as your interface…Now I suspect it will not have any asio driver of it’s own so I think you will need to set it as windows soundcard and then select generic driver in Cubase…Or as suggested by Ultimate install ASIO4all driver which will probably be your best option.
It’s important to note that unless you can configure ASIO4all to use both interfaces at once your RME interface will be inactive while the Mic is selected as Cubase interface and so the only way to hear anything is through the Rode headphone socket.

Guys, thanks for your answers. It was a bad idea of mine to buy this!