Cubase 8 / Windows 10 Configuration Break

Greetings Board - a weird problem. I had a perfectly good working configuration as per the data in my signature line. Went through a house remodel, so my music PC and synthesizer were off line for about 60 days while the remodel happened.

I went to fire up the PC and synth this weekend, and now, no audio output. I thought I knew how to correct this and went through all the motions to no avail. Here are some input pics to help describe;

This project that I created previously, on this machine, plays; you can see in the pic that I get levels in both the main screen and the mix control
I thought the problem could be that Windows had many updates in that offline period. Who knows what that would do to sound card driver, right? So I grabbed ASIO4ALL v2 for a driver. It works, insofar as configuring it to release control when Cubase in background, works just fine; i.e. I could review the troubleshooting and setup videos without having to exit Cubase.

But still no audio output. Pics showing my Device Setup choices:
and Output:
Any ideas? I wanted to check with this board before I went through the uninstall/reinstall hassle. Thanks in advance.

To update further fix attempts; I thought to delete the VST connections and turn everything to “No Drivers” - then close the application, reboot, restart the app and see if I could force the wizard to start.

The wizard did start
And I got a missing port message, which was expected
Trying to select the audio for a bus input though; the generic driver is not selectable.
Does that somehow indicate some patch or driver is missing?