Cubase 8 + Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection

…don’t play nicely together.

Open any project in Cubase 8 on monitor 1. Create a track and open the channel settings window.
Open RDC on monitor 2 and connect to your remote computer.
After being focused in RDC, click on the Cubase 8 project window on monitor 1.

The result is that it switches focus to the Cubase project window (plugins and channel settings windows appear for a brief instant), and then instantly loses focus back to the RDC window (plugins and channel settings windows disappear). Maddening.

Worked fine in Cubase 6.5-7.5. My instinct is that it has something to do with the pseduo-Mac floating menu bar + invisible child windows (IE plugins & channel settings window).

Anyone here find a workaround for the issue?

most remote control applications temporarily disable aero graphics during the remote session and use “classic” windows setting. Cubase 8 requires aero graphics unlike previous cubase versions. teamviewer, RAdmin, both exhibit this behaviour. from what ive read Tight VNC does not do this although i have not tried it yet.
Any program that uses a graphics “mirror driver” will not work.


Hi MrSmith,

I also used to remote control one of my mixing stations via LAN using RealVNC.

When I switched to C8, I had to learn that Aero was mandatory for C8 and remoting would not coexist with this. I have not found a reliable software solution for this.

My workaround is that I have now switched to a hardware remote control solution which works fine for me.

Teamviewer 10 allows aero during remote session without switching to classic desktop gfx


ps. and its free :slight_smile:

mh, interesting!

Thanks for the post - using Microsoft Remote Desktop on a regular base to control Nuendo 6.5 on my Win7 DAW using my MacbookPro when recording stuff in the recording room by myself…

Have not jumped to C8 for recording right now, using it only for mixing.

Regarding Teamviewer - I would have to install stuff on my DAW then, or not? Mh…

Someone mentioned somewhere that performing a double-click on the Cubase window will properly give it focus. That’s my workaround for now

I use RealVNC with Cubase v8 pro 64 and 32 with no issue. When I initially VNC in, I do occasionally get an alert that the driver is not compatible with aero, but you can select ignore and do not alert me again. It still works fine.