cubase 8. windows 8.1 scarlet 18i20---help

Hi guys

pc-- pentium i5
16 g ram , 4x 360 hz
windows 8.1 64 bit
all updates and drivers 100% up to date.
DAW …cubase 8-
bfd 3 and thats it up untill now ntill i can get this bad boy to work i wont be installing any more vst or plug ins …
one problem it the F R S keeps kicking itself ot of the system and issues connection …
i have to turn off an on agan to continue working .
second problem is an issue with sample rate changes … this is not allowed until i unplug or turn off or reboot.
thirdly the i/o settup crashes my cubase …
now ii still dont know what the cause is …
A FRS is messig with cubase
B cubase is F++ig with the FRS
c windows 8,1 problem --…

why are the drivers 32 bit ? why are there no dedicated 64 bit drivers ?

i have downloaded the FR beta software and the new us drivers … n0 change –

i am at my whits end i need to get back to writing and recording …
i am feeling like doing none of the above as all i do days on end is try and get this thing to work –
the Focusrite support have not realy helped much … but then again there is not much they can do other than give me standard relys to a standard question
i posted the crash dumps to Steinberg support but they are at the trde fairs etc
its now at the stage where cubase won let me open a project that was created or edited using the scarlet …
even if its not plgged in …wtf wtf wtf ???

cheers and thanks for reading
any one can help then pls shed some light as to what i can try …

That’s a dense post so hard to make sense of it all. But just in case: there have been many posts about cubase 64 bit on windows 64-bit still finding and using the 32 bit vst plugins. I lost a week of work time trying to puzzle it all out as a new user. Basically, if you don’t use or ever want to use the 32 bitters, seek out and destroy them (save them to a backup somewhere …)

no plugins at all except intern from c8
one vsti … bfd 3 in 64 bit mode

i dont know where else to look .
its plain to me that this post should be in the other forum but i have more chance of it being seen in here
the above post was a copy to what i sent to the focusrite forum …
no reply’s yet .
the audio card uses a 32 bit interface driver … or so it reads —
i wonder is this the cause or is cubase having problems with the asio and i/o from the audio card or is windows 8.1 just not up to working with A/V media ???

I know its not a palatable solution but have you considered trying (buying/borrowing) a different audio device to see if that works. I speak from my experience of trying 5 different audio devices on my macbookpro before I found one that didn’t glitch. Also you could try another DAW perhaps (in demo mode for a while?).

I just recently had a live chat with someone at Focusrite through their website. They were helpful, although it was only a simple licensing question. I did have to wait about 20 minutes for them to initially respond though.


hi Mike
thank you so much for yor input …
the guys at F.R are on it as we speak… if all else fails it could still be the unit itself … so as it is new i still have cover … i hope not though as i need to start writing and recording real soon … i have wasted enough time as is and that was my fault haha but now i want to work again i cant … murphys law i guess
cheers .

Hi Tony,

I’m sorry to hear that you encountered some issues with your 18i20 - did you raise a case with us in the end? Was this resolved?

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

sorted now … up and running ,
was all a windows problem
i brought a download version and after a week or so they sent me a hard copy
i installed that and bingo

thanks to all who took time to help
this forum rocks
cheers guys

Hi Tony,

Great to hear that this was resolved for you.

If you have any problems in future please don’t hesitate to get back in contact with us.

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support