Cubase 8 windows download missing

My internets been letting me down and I havent been able to download Cubase 8. Now it has dissappeared from download area… all I can see is the MAC version.

Is there a limit to how many times I can start it downloading? No-one from Steinberg support has been back to me yet

If you have your license registered in your MySteinberg account, you can download it from the download section. Downloads from Asknet are limited, yes.

BTW, we received your e-mail yesterday at 20:25…

Followed your instructions and now have the ability to download thankyou Fabio

It would save a lot of customer headscratching and customer support queries to have this information available somewhere obvious - prob at the Asknet download area

As for customer service response time… I still have no official reply as of 17:30 Friday evening. GMT… doesnt matter now but shouldnt there be one? Whats the average reply time?

Hello Mart,

the Steinberg and Asknet resources are separated and probably there is a reason for not having links to our pages there, this is not my specility though. However, the download information is reported on the support website:

You can always refer to the main support page for downloads - if in doubt or missing, start a forum thread :wink:

Response time… after a major release it inflates, the incoming requests are ten-fold making it much slower than we would like it to be. We are sorry about this, but a delay is quite likely these days.

I put your e-mail in my pending folder hoping to resolve it via the forum, can I consider it as such? :smiley: