Cubase 8 Windows vs OSX performance comparison?

At this point, we all are aware of the spectacular improvements in ASIO performance that Cubase 8 Pro has brought, in comparison with past versions. However, what about the Windows vs OSX performance? Can anybody confirm if there still exists big differences, performance wise, between these two platforms, now with ASIO Guard 2? Last time I tried (Cubase 7.5), it was like 25-30% or so better on Windows (same computer, latencies and soundcard). Unfortunately, I’m not in the position of doing the comparison myself anymore. Just curious.

Didn’t really compare the ASIO perf. differences yet tho, need to do it. But I’ve tested Cubase 8 on Mavericks with my Mid2014 Retina MBP (2.5GHz i7 with 16GB RAM) and I still feel the GUI is clearly slower than C8 on Win8.1 (bootcamp) with same project - I mean for ex. arrange window zoom in/out, key editor speed & overall. Also C8 @ Win7 64bit on my PC the GUI feels much faster, same project comparison.

Can anyone else confirm any slowdowns Win vs OS X, with Cubase 8? And I’ve heard rumor that on Mountain Lion Cubase 8 runs faster than Mavericks…

Would like to know this also … performance is everything to me.

Hey again. Now that C8 has been around for a while - has anyone else done more comparing for C8 under Win vs OSX? In my case even the GUI perf. difference on same project is dramatic - the post above. I can only use it under Win8 for any serious work on my Macbook

can confirm, unfortunately gui of cubase 7 on mavericks is very slow compared to windows, would also like to know if it is better on mountain lion, I don’t how how OS designers did this, but windows 7 is way slower than XP and ML/ Mavericks etc is way slower than Snow Leopard…

this makes me sad as a efficiency-driven musician, where can one go?

did anyone test if things got better or worse on yosemite and cubase 8?

Not only is Cubase marginally faster machine-spec for machine-spec on Windows than Mac - you’ll get a much faster PC for the same money - and of course go-faster parts to cool and seriously overclock your PC are readily and cheaply available whereas - even though Macs are PCs internally, the platform is much more tightly locked down and harder to tune. Macs are nice machines - but IMHO, PC is the the best “fit” for Cubase.

guys, d’ah, if we want to know if cubase 8 does better on osx than 7.5, why not try this?

it’s just elements, but that is basically the same new code, as far as I heard steinberg completely rebuilt cubase 8 code-wise, so good things can be expected, here my first experiences:

mixer: opens immediately rather than after 300-600ms (estimated)

dragging: still a big drag lag, maybe there is a bug with the drag delay edit setting, as it does not change anything, >dysfunctional I would say, on 7.5 and on 8.

overall 8 feels SNAPPIER, yeah, really makes me wanna jump on the update.

let me hear YOUR experiences, just get the cubase elements trial guys!!

good job steinberg. *patsontheshoulder

Reliability is far more important for me, than if I have to wait a millisecond longer for a window to open (or whatever). And from reading this forum, I get the impression that there are far more reliability issues on Windows than OSX.

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I were wrong yesterday, windows systems has more then 90% of the global market. 91.22%

Svenne said “And from reading this forum, I get the impression that there are far more reliability issues on Windows than OSX.” Really? Considering that PC/Windows users probably outnumber Mac users, I get the opposite impression. Many Windows problems are caused by configuration and user errors, one of the few downsides of the flexibility of the PC.