Cubase 8 with BCF2000 automation issue

I’m running Cubase 8.0.40 under windows 10, with 2x BCF2000 controllers connected by USB running in emulate mode as Mackie and Mackie 2
When playing back a recording, the faders move to follow automation as expected.
If i move a virtual fader on screen with the mouse, during playback or when stopped the corresponding physical fader moves.
However, if i move any physical fader, even when the track is not playing, the virtual one on-screen stays as it is, and the physical fader snaps back to the original position.

This happens even before i load a project…
Within a project, it doesn’t matter if the channel is set to read automation, or even if it has any automation recorded at all, the result is the same.

For what it’s worth, both Units have 0102 showing in the dispays

Any help ? please?



Turns out it was a communication issue… do NOT use USB hubs, connect to PC direct, and all is sorted.!