Cubase 8 won't find .component file

I want to use this plugin I need for a production and I downloaded the .component file. I moved it to the “components” folder and I scanned this folder with the plug-in manager.
After a while I receive the irritating message “0 new VST effect(s) and 0 new VST instrument(s) found.”
I tried to restart cubase and my computer multiple times, but the daw seems not to see my file…
what should I do? should I have any other file to put in other folders?
I’m quite desperate since I really need this special effect for my production.
if you can help me, I would really appreciate :slight_smile:

Please give some more detail…

I’m not familiar with a vst “.component file”. All of my vst’s are initiated with it’s .dll or .vst3 file. I don’t think installing any vst to the Cubase components folder is a good thing (isn’t that folder for Cubase core components, not plugins). You should install it into a folder where other non Steinberg vst’s are installed (or to where the Steinberg vst’s are installed if it is a Steinberg vst). Or, create a folder, install it there and add that folder to the vst2 folder paths in the plugin manager.

Regards. :sunglasses: