Cubase 8 won't load Drumagog 5

For some reason, Cubase will stop me from loading drumagog on tracks after a certain point. In one project for example, I could load 8 instance of the plugin, and then when I tried to add a ninth, I got this message:

"A serious problem has occured: Please try to save your project under another name and then restart Cubase8.exe. If this problem persists please contact Steinberg Technical Support with a description of what you do to create this problem, and the created file C:\User\mark\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\Cubase8.0421822013.6.1716.25.dmp.

Click “OK” to be informed about further occurrences of serious problems, or “Cancel” to suppress these warnings in case of a cascading warnings!"

This behavior is very similar in other projects. On one project, I could load 16 instances before it would stop me on the 17th. On yet a different project, I could only load 2 and then it would stop me on the 3rd. All of these projects have a very similar number of tracks, and hardly any other plugins running. Once to experiment, as soon as I got the error message, I deleted all the drumagog plugins and placed new ones randomly on random tracks, and again, once I got to a specific number of instances, it failed. Also, it’s important to note that when I start to have the problem and it refuses to load drumagog on a track, I can load any other plugin on that same track just fine. Lastly, the chance of failure increases when I change the settings of drumagog and then try to copy over the plugin to a different track.

I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling drumagog and that didn’t help.

I’ve described the problem as best as I can, what do you think?

What are your system specs?

Are you running out of RAM?

I can load multiple Drumsgog 5 plugins without issue.

I have Windows 8.1, 64 bit, intel i7 @3.40 ghz, 12 GB ram, Roland Octa Capture interface.
Every other aspect of Cubase is running just fine. I’m only have problems with Drumagog.
I check the performance with the task manager while using drumagog, and my computer says I have plenty of ram available.
One more new problem I’ve observed: If I load a project with multiple instances of Drumagog, first it takes a long time to load the project, (about 2.5 minutes) and the settings that I made to the plugin have changed.
I believe these problems are related, but I can’t be sure.

Thank you for your replies!

Hey all… I hate to kick this one up again, but I’m having trouble as well. According to the CPU usage meter, nothing is peaking when I try to initiate a Drumagog plugin… but it still fails everytime in this one particular project. Kind of irritating.

It DOES seem to have some kind of relation to track count. (the track count in this project is massive… almost 400). But again, my memory usage is at like 12%, and I have nothing else running but a VSTi of Massive.

Have any of you found a way to resolve this? Or is this one of those perpetual issues we’re going to have to just deal with?

I have this “Serious Error” with Drumagog 5 as well.

I was told by Cubase tech support that this Drumamagog “Serious Error” problem was RAM related.

So, I went from 6 GB of RAM to 24 GB. All that did was make the “Serious Error” message pop up faster.

So, I asked Drumagog tech support and they said Drumagog 5 is not a RAM heavy plugin as the Gog files are loaded in and not streamed at all. They said they see Cubase related errors with Drumagog 5 but they have yet to determine the issue because they can not get the ‘Fatal Error’ to appear on their end from all of our tests. They have a suspicion that is may be CPU related.

If samples are loaded in and not streamed then surely it would be more ram hungry!

Too hungry for 24 GB?

I’m loading a single instance of Drumagog with nothing else inserted or routed to anywhere but the mix bus with nothing on it. There are only 14 drum/bas/guitar tracks recorded. This load would create a"Serious Error"? Really?

There’s something wrong and neither Drumagog or Cubase can fix it after communicating numerous times with both vendors. Drumagog told me it’s having this problem on some PC’s with Cubase 8 and 9. Like i said, they think it’s CPU related, while Steinberg thinks it’s RAM. I fixed the RAM issue. So, it wasn’t RAM.

Sorry…I’m confusing things unnecessarily … I doubt it is particularly ram hungry as drum samples are relatively short … Just questioning why support would make that statement which seems incorrect.

Hi, I have the exact same problem as well, on my 2 computers, one with a ryzen 1600x cpu, the other with a intel i7-5820k, both 16gb RAM, both windows 10 64bits.
I have contacted Wavelabs, they say they can’t reproduce the error at their office, steinberg is radio silence since I posted my ticket 3 weeks ago.

anyway, if anybody has a solution, I’d surely invite him/her for a coffee :wink:

This may not be what you want to hear, but I just gave up and switched to Slate Trigger which works perfectly. I have no affiliation with Slate. I have Waves, UAD, Slate and Fabfilter plugins and they all work flawlessly with my system. Whatever problems Drumagog has with Cubase for some systems seems to be something that Wavelabs and Steinberg can’t or won’t fix.