Cubase 8 won't recognize master keyboard..

I’m using Cubase 8 PRO.

When I turn on my master keyboard AFTER I start up Cubase, it won’t work.

Even my stand-alone Lounge Lizard won’t care if I turn it on before or after. I can’t believe I have to restart my Cubase just for this.

Is there a way to “refresh” the MIDI controller to recognize the master keyboard after I start my Cubase?

You need to turn on your keyboard before opening Cubase. I don’t believe there is a ‘refresh’ midi controllers in Cubase.

You are right and there ought to be a refresh midi controllers. It seems to mainly affect bus powered keyboards. I did not have the same problem with my Roland A33 which is mains powered.

Hmm… I don’t think it has anything to do with being bus-powered.
I use Arturia Microbrute, and this is not bus-powered.

I’m honestly a little disappointed that they over-looked this issue. It’s a minor one, but it makes a big difference.

I have been searching for a way to refresh the midi controllers. Seemingly no way. I must say this is irritating. Something for a future update?

Yes. I find this annoying.
I’m on a laptop and often I’ll be editing/mixing and decide that I need to add or change a part. When I then need to plug in my USB controller keyboard and restart cubase.

It’s probably not a problem if you have a desktop with a keyboard permanently connected.

I moved from REAPER and it was so easy in that program. Connect keyboard, rescan midi devices and then keep working.

Hope Cubase 8.0.20 clears this issue up because a lot more people are going mobile like you.
And it just makes sense for the DAW to be able to refresh and search for a MIDI controller.

Hi all

I use bomes midi translator which kinda negates this issue, but it would be nice if Cubase had a rescan midi function.

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I think this is a must-have feature. It’s been talked about for ages eg Steinberg Forums

Come on Steinberg - how can you talk about workflow without this?

Actually it seems to be even worse on my Desktop. My USB powered keyboard has to be powered down and then on again before starting Cubase to get it to work. Leaving it on doesn’t seem to work any more than switching it on after launching Cubase.

No issues with controllers with their own PSUs.

I must say I’d previously it was the USB connection rather than the power that was the issue as my units with their own PSUs are connected via real MIDI cables and a MIDI interface.

This thread was published on Wed Jan 08, 2014… -_-

I guess this issue didn’t cross the developers’ minds.
Honestly, is this a trivial issue?
I can get that many users have their keyboards always powered up and plugged in, or that they’re always considerate before starting up Cubase, but I think this is an issue worth fixing :confused:

+1. A “refresh” functionality would be great. I had the very same problem, and found a workaround by going from master keyboard to soundcard via a midi cable, no more direct usb (it’s not a usb powered keyboard). Now it works.

Ahh I think that was what I was talking about in an earlier post. I shall see if adding a midi cable works or causes more problems, My keyboard is buss powered.