Cubase 8 won't restart after a freeze

Hi team…tired of me yet? If I get the boot, I’ll understand :slight_smile:

My latest plight is not having Cubase shut down completely when it freezes, which happens sometimes even though I have 3 GB of RAM still available. I read where plugins could be the issue, but I’m only using those that came with the program. My computer is optimized according to the Steinberg, Focusrite, and Sonar website recommendations.

After Cubase freezes, I “End Process” it to death! Then it won’t restart without me power cycling my computer. I understand others have had similar issues. Another bucket of water on the fires of creativity!! The damn things works great when it works. Very slick program. Just have to get over these hurdles. Ideas welcome. Thanks.

Yes, a lot of users are seeing this. Either it will leave a process behind that can be forcefully terminated, in which case you can often relaunch Cubase without a reboot, or it won’t and requires a reboot.

I don’t understand why this several-times-reported issue can’t seem to rise to the level of the “Collected Issues” forum, or at the very least the “Issue Reports” forum (on this last point, I’m mostly talking about the situation where it doesn’t crash, but leaves a process behind).

Mostly depends on what drivers are stuck after a crash. It’s faster just to reboot after a crash.

When the hang-on-exit happens here Cubase will usually close eventually but it’s invariably quicker to just reboot my PC.

Thanks guys. All along, I thought it was either something I was doing wrong or that my computer was inadequate for the task. It’s nice to know that several people suffer with this obvious bug.

The next step is to make Steinberg aware. I’m sure they are. Let’s hope for a speedy solution. Thanks again.

  • Lee