Cubase 8 won't start on Windows 7


The icon just lights up for a while in the task bar, then dies down. No real startup. There are no processes in the Task Manager, and there doesn’t seem to be a rogue plugin sabotaging.

Anybody knows what do to?

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

If you have NVIDIA graphic card, make sure you are using the latest driver, please.

Try to unplug all USB devices and start Cubase now. If you have any 3rd party plug-in installed, try to rename all plug-ins folders and start Cubase.

Try to reset Cubase preferences and reinstall it. Then try to start Cubase.

Man, I’ve had the same problem! Windows 10. It was working fine for a while, and then one day just stopped starting up. Same thing with the task list - I open up the task manager and nothing shows up. Something’s killing it early, apparently.

I’m using an old Mbox (the first-generation, original model) and some drivers to make that work (ASIO4ALL v. 2.14, asio X64 2.8.45, and Avid Mbox 1.1.10).

If I uninstall all the Mbox USB drivers, uninstall Cubase, and give it a fresh install, it boots up fine. It’s only when I throw the Mbox drivers into the mix does Cubase give up. Weirdly enough, it was working fine-ish before, as proof by all the tracks I’ve recorded with audio previously.

I saw in a previous thread that someone had this same problem after installing Daemon tools, which I’d also installed, however I was still able to use Cubase fine until I believe after a reboot. Trying some permutations of installations and drivers now to see what’ll work.