Yesterday was the last day of the 30% off upgrade promotion, so I pulled the trigger. It was time I got off of 6.5.

I’m already seeing benefits from the workflow streamlining. Being able to copy VST settings from one channel to another is such a boon. Now if I could be able to copy an insert by holding down Ctrl and dragging instead of having to add the insert manually, copy the settings, and then pasting the settings, things would be even better.

I only started playing with it last night. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful surprises are waiting for me.

To copy a plugin, hold Alt/Option when you drag and drop it. If you are wanting to duplicate multiple plugins on the same insert, I usually save an FX Chain Preset (click on the diamond to the right of Inserts in the Mixer), save, then load on the desired channel. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

ctrl+c & ctrl+v worked in your old cubase to copy & paste inserts between channels. :slight_smile: i actually prefered that way.

Alt+Click? That’s disappointing since 99% of GUIs follow the same standard (Ctrl+Click). But nothing that I can’t get accustomed to.

I’m looking at the Strip functionality in the Mixer and am soliciting comments on:

Compressor: these vs. NI vs. FabFilter Pro-C

Tools: De-esser vs. FabFilter Pro-DS

Saturation: Magneto II vs. the other stock vs. Variety Of Sound’s FerricTDS I normally use VoS on the master bus in my mastering project and never use it on individual tracks. But I used to be a huge fan of using Magneto (the original) on individual tracks.

Limiter: these vs. FabFilter Pro-L

Isn’t that still working on your system? I am still able to copy and paste inserts here…

I didn’t try a full keyboard solution. From a usability perspective, you still have to use the mouse to select the destination insert slot so Ctrl+Click is the preferable solution, at least in my opinion.

blimey, it does. somewhere between c6 and now i had this stop working on me so i stopped trying. thank you.

technically no, you can navigate to the insert slot using the arrowkeys and keycommands, but in practical terms it’s probably safe to say the mouse, in this case, wins.

btw. if you drag where it says ‘inserts’ and drop onto another channel (no modifier keys), all the inserts get copied at once. no need to save a preset.

Great! Thanks!

Now, any comments about the stock Strip stuff?

Nice, I jumped too and bought the upgrade from 6.5 artist to 8 pro.
I’m not installing it yet though, not until I have a new computer which could be a little while still. But the deal was good and an upgrade from 6.5 to 9 would probably not be possible or more expensive. If I wait with registering it I’ll get a grace update anyway should a new version come out before I get to use it.

Enjoy 8!

The email I got said that the offer ends on July 23, 2015…

Indeed, I tried to get it yesterday (24th) and prices went up :frowning:

Sounds like you need to forward that email to Steinberg.

My mistake. Prices good until JULY 23rd. You have to enter the coupon code. Yay!

I had no idea there was a special. :open_mouth:

Bummer. I would have done it. :confused:

Larry, how did you find out about the promo?

It’s still there Tom!

I received an email about it. All updates and upgrades to 8 pro and artist 8 are 30% off if you use gopro2015 or artist2015 codes.

Thanks! I don’t understand why I don’t receive the emails. I am signed up for the newsletter :confused:

I can forward it if you want :slight_smile:

I get an email periodically from Steinberg. But I also stop by the website as well as those of FabFilter and NI from time to time to see what’s up.

That’s OK. :slight_smile: I’m just happy I was able to get the deal.