cubase 8

when does cubase 8 supposed to be released?

The last 3 versions were released:

So with that schedule, it could be expected somewhere around New Year, +/- 1 month.
Since there were so many issues with version 7, it may be a little longer logically to version 8. Or not, money rules…
On the other side, version 7 was a very large release, the next one may not be quite that large.
I would guess jan/feb 2015.

When it comes my hope is that it constitutes a refinement of the project window as an enhancement the mixer was to previous version, with good multi-monitor and workspaces support.

Importantly for me I hope the export dialog is improved to provide a method for naming files that is independent of the project tracklist

It looks like SB is releasing a version of Cubase every year (7, 7.5), so I would expect it for Dec 2014

+1 to that.

It could be as big a feature as Batch Export to my workflow at least.

Somewhere Mid 2015 :slight_smile:

i Hope they work on getting the Mac 32 and 64 bit plugin inauguration working better ether 64 bit DAW’s are not having a problem i’m on Cubase 5.5 and i wont update until you guy’s git it rite and stable and one more thing way is it so expensive for the updates i have Been using cubase since SX Man thats 20 years i can’t get a Bake Please get the 64 bit working Smooth and i’m still Mad about you stoping Phone Support :frowning:

Have you tried MEAP?

MEAP might work but it is not free and besides, why not (like the implementation of batch exporting) have it all in Cubase?

Because nuendo has (had) a exclusive feature-rich version. I can’t remember the differences anymore, but I bought meap to fill the gap created when I decommissioned Nuendo.

So when Cubase 6 is no longer supported on a current OS you will join the ranks of excluded members?

Stiney does what stiney do. Have at the automation depth nuendo has. I fought to get that depth in cubase. Still the tumble weed rolls! :mrgreen:

Why would Cubase included features from nuendo when they are different packages?

Why would you want better export features when Nuendo already has them?


SB are only going to implement so much commonality between the two applications, an expert such as yourself should know this.

That is my point. That is why I mentioned MEAP.

So does Nuendo allow independent naming of file exports or is it dependent on a channel or track name?

Yes, if you use cycle markers and/or the counter. You can follow your cycle marker name with other descriptors as well. The descriptors are Name, Mixer Index, Channel Type, Channel Name, Project Name, Counter, Cycle Marker Name, and Cycle Marker ID. This is from my N5 manual.

ADDED: If none of the above are sufficient and you need something more you really should check out MEAP. I couldn’t live without it and Phil is a very good developer of the tool. $65 bucks is a bargain to me considering it has saved me hours and hours of time. If you ever pick it up, I have an export trick so you don’t have to clear markers out of the marker track to export cycle markers. Also, be forewarned, the version I am on (have to check) will not grab the cycle marker name, but will use your chosen name and create numbered versions as it moves down the line. It is something I had mentioned to Phil and he said he couldn’t do anything about it as it was a limitation in cubase. That was about a year ago.

Sounds good but I think my Feature Request (FR) is reasonable in the circumstances considering that not so long ago Batch Export was introduced and this would seem a reasonable suggestion, at least in my view.

Currently I’m having to route via sends to get any sort of independent naming of stems, which is rather time consuming to say the least and really does not lend itself well to what I would consider to be powerful software.