Cubase 9.0.1 Freezing every 10 minutes for 30 seconds

Hi there,

In this Cubase 9.0.1 it is very annoying as every 10 minutes or so it just freezes for about 30 seconds.

Is this a known problem?

Please sort this out Steinberg,it’s driving me crazy! thanks.

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dude, that’s possibly autosave, just turn off it

So is that a known bug then?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s a bug. Any software should stop and write something (few MBs) to a disk. If you don’t have RAID SSD, than accept it, your PC is not a quantum computer.

Hi mate, no it’s not like that, it freezes for about 30 seconds. It’s slowed down doing it lately, I think it might be something to do with certain plugins or anti-virus or internet etc. Thanks all the same

Does this thing goes red?

Also u can install this app (or similar) that shows HDD / Network / Proc / RAM loads and see what the hell is going on.

Something that recurs every 10 minutes might also be associated with some kind of Windows 10 computer power setting. So look in the start>settings>power & sleep area. Make sure that the power settings are set to 'High Performance". Then dig down deep in the advanced area for settings that restart items like USB, internet adapter, etc. Hopefully you will find something that is set to 10 minutes which may be related to your recurring issue.

Good luck.

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