Cubase 9.0.1 won't recognize my VST Interface

Hello, I am trying to use my M Audio M Track interface with cubase 9.01
On Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio system
It shows my interface on the devices list but when I try to connect it it says it can not be found!
I have installed all the lastest drivers for my M Track and It works just fine with my Ableton software and everything else on my computer!
Here are printscreens of the problem:

Thank you

It may be related to the “…Already in use” portion of the message. Could something else be using it exclusively?

No this isn’t the case… :frowning:
Help anyone?

OK guys I have solved it! turns out I had several different drivers installed for the same Interface so I uninstalled all of them and than re installed only the correct one :slight_smile:
I think this should be left here incase any1 else is having such problem!

Glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile: