Cubase 9.0.20 Crash

I updated Cubase to the latest version this afternoon hoping for a smooth transition. At first things seemed OK then suddenly my computer screen went black and it rebooted in the middle my work flow. After my computer rebooted I fired up Cubase and continued my work. Ten minutes later the screen went black and the computer refused to reboot.

I put it up on the bench, swapped out the power supply and graphics card to no avail. Eventually I was able to get my computer to reboot using the same hardware configuration it had before I installed Cubase 9.0.20. I restarted Cubase to continue my work and five minutes later it went black and rebooted a third time.

Out of desperation I uninstalled Cubase, reinstalled it only applying the 9.0.10 update and everything seems fine again. All the plugins I use are fairly recent 64-bit Native Instruments or Steinberg FX & VSTis. I do use SpinAudio Roomverb which is 32-bit plugin connected via J Bridge. I’m not sure if this caused the crash in 9.0.20 but it’s never been an issue in 9.0 or 9.0.10

I will try Cubase 9.0.20 again without any J Bridged plugins and see if that makes any difference. That test will have to wait a few weeks as I’m in the middle of a project and don’t have time to spare for harware or software testing.

Same issue here, Cubase 9.0.20 will just just crash.
I un-installed and went back to 9.0.10 and tried the same project on Cubase 8 with no problems at all and way more stability.
No doubt that there’s a problem with Cubase 9.0.20 stability now :\

Hi all, 9.0.20 also crashed here.
Installed few days ago, and crashed few times.
1st & 2nd on Cubase shutdown, 3rd during audio export, and 4th causing hang&crash while recording. [It froze with that loud beep]
Rolled back the update to 9.0.10 last night. [via Windows control panel,Win7-64bit]
I’ve had no issues afterwards working the entire night.
I’ll await the next update. Cheers

yup happened to me too

On OSX 10.10 here. 9.0.10 works fine. 9.0.20 doesn’t make it past the VST plugin scan and constantly crashes on load up.

Rolled back to 9.0.10 via time machine and it all worked again.

I had a rock solid system on 9.0.10, I even removed any plugins which I had confirmed crashing with. But now that I’ve upgraded to 9.0.20, I’m also seeing random crashes that point to Cubase as the culprit in the crash log.

I’m on El Capitan.

I’ll be rolling back shortly too but honestly this does worry me. 9.0.10 was so solid and it’s such a shame that we went backwards :frowning:

Hi guys
It’s been well over a month, thought there would be a new stable update provided by now.
That’s too bad.

There seems quite a few people going nuts [reinstalling their system OS, cubase, plugins etc.]
without knowing its the 9.0.20 update that’s unstable.
I guess the news didn’t spread to notify other users.

To those who are reading now & been going nuts too after the update,
if your system was good & stable with 9.0.10, just calm down and roll your system back to that version.

a lot of crash here… waves plugins…jbridge with Nexus… maybe problem within Windows 10?

I installed C9 and THEN the 9.02 update. Can I ‘roll back’ to 9.01 somehow??? Mine crashes on closing of any project. Or I can just continue working in 8.5 (best version of Cubase yet IMHO). I like the undo feature which is why I updated but geez, this ‘crashing’ issue seems widespread.

Cubase has been crashing while opened on my system also looks like this update has issues…

Yea and the disappointing thing is I am not even motivated to send a ticket in as it will take their snail mail a week and half to tell me to ‘trash the prefs’. :frowning: Oh well - at least 8.5 is solid on my W7 64 bit system. I also own Nuendo 5 that works well.

Crashing here once in a while, randomly so can not pinpoint what causes it. Updated to 9.0.3 and still crashes when opening a project with 100+ tracks. I can open any other song and then it will let me open the big project but it won’t let me open it first…

same here over and over again…opening another project first can sometimes lead to the “faulty” project opening.

Mine crashes on startup with the following dialog box text: An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Cubase LE AI Elements 9.exe [14104]

Any ideas? HP Desktop and win 10 creators version 1703

Did you ever figure out what was causing Cubase to crash everytime you closed a project?
I’m on 9.0.3 and everything was fine all of a sudden it started this week it crashes everytime
i close a session ?