Cubase 9.0.20 sometimes crashes on opening project

This is an issue I have had for a long time. Cubase sometimes crashes when opening certain projects…but not always. For example, I open a template, work perfectly fine for a day, save, come back the next day and it crashes when trying to open the project. Now, the thing is…it doesn’t always crash, so after a few try’s normally I can open the project.

Things I tried:

  • Updated from 8.5 to Cubase 9 + trashed prefs
  • Updated all drivers (RME audio interface, Play, Kontakt, every Play Instrument)
  • Reinstalled Zebra
  • Reinstalled & updated QLSpaces
  • Updated Video Card Drivers
  • Updated Quicktime
  • Installed some updates for Windows 7

Checked that there are no 32 bit plugins causing havoc, have deleted or hidden them from any Cubase folders.

I have also tried to remove certain elements from the project, one for one. Nothing made any difference until I removed all Hollywood String tracks. That seemed to make a difference since the project saved without HS opened ten times in a row and the project with HS opening 1 times out of 10.

Other times a full HS template with nothing else sometimes failes to open, but at a good day it opens 9 times out 10.

It’s feel like a random issue, but it seems project related. So I’m aware of some project files that crash more often than others.

I am on a disabled tracks template, so no VEP.

Testing is difficult since it sometimes opens 10 ten times out of 10, so you think it works, and then suddenly the next one failes to open again.

Hey JHI, Roshan from India, a new Cubase Pro 9 user. I am experiencing the same problems. Have you been able to resolve this issue on your system in anyway? I’m hoping on some insight if you have managed to solve it.

Warm regards


Hey! I am experiencing the same problems.nothing helpsI would like to take the money and return Strenberg кубэйсе9 and forget about it!I think he is still not more stable than the first version!for $500 I bought is problematic poop!.They can’t solve the problems of the instability of Cubase , received the money and forget about users(