Cubase 9.0.20freezes using many VSTIs

I have had to uninstall Cubase and reinstall back to 9.0.10. I have had issues using VSTIs causing Cubase 9.0.20 to freeze. It does not do so immediately upon opening the GUI but as soon as I start changing presets or altering parameters Cubase freezes. Arturia and uhe have been particularly affected.

Seems like there is an issue with 9.0.20 for me at least.

I’m getting weird behaviour (drop outs, gui flutter) w vst’s as well, esp. those with different available over-sample options. Mostly plug-ins from Acustica, D16, Fxpansion, u-he. Automation of vst parameters exacerbates the prob.

I have had problems with uhe VST3 plugs and now don’t use them. I still think that some vendors don’t implement as well as they could. Arturia have been a major culprit but only seem to install vst3 and I can’t try out vst 2.4 to see if the freezes happen with them.
Actually I have just had the mother of all crashes where there is a freeze and every time I move the mouse there is a high pitched bleeping and the cursor moves at random. I tried to Ctrl Alt + delete but the mouse would not select. I had to do a manual shut down.

Unfortunately I was asked if I wanted to close Cubase but could not select so had to impose a hard shut down. Then when I restarted the computer told me that overclocking had failed and guided me into the Bios. Not now what to adjust I exited and luckily everything seems to be working so for the second time I have uninstalled 9.0.20 and until I get to the bottom of this behaviour I won’t re-install.

Weirdly there were no crash dumps to send to Steinberg support. Bummer!

I heard of that before from a DAW builder. I can’t access the content of that e-mail without the mail client, but I remember he mentioned it with relation to RAM - CPU speed mismatch (and OC), a problem particularly common on X99 chipset and two MoBo brands. Which motherboard and RAM modules are you using? And which RAM speed you had / have set up in BIOS?

Erm!!! Thanks Fabio. You might have to point me in the right direction here as my technical knowledge is limited. In fact before I updated everything had been working well for two years with very few problems. I don’t think I have had one actual blue screen crash.

Things seem to be working fine at the moment. I have uninstalled 9.0.20 and it hasn’t happened again…so far. I am suspecting a vst3 issue between Waves and Arturia. I have been having a few issues with the Waves Electric 200 as it won’t seem to work after loading the electric 88 - now it seems it does not like the Arturia Stage 73. Having said that I can’t be sure it is this at all. However freezing the instruments concerned and uninstalling the update has stabilised the issue!!! I think.

Sure, but I need to get my hands on the details… sorry, I have so much stuff going on at the moment that I remember my name just because I read it on the right here :laughing:

Will PM you!

Thanks. It’s great having you on the forum.